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Critiquing car design in 1907

“From the standpoint of simple utility and economy, the pleasure car is still a very long way from the ideal state,” stated an anonymous auto expert in a 1907 New York magazine. The publication was directed to the auto business and to any readers in the public sector who might have held an interest in the automotive craze that was growing by leaps and bounds in America.

Up to 1907, the American automobile business had little to mimic along its track except what had taken place in the

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Old Cars Calendar
ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19 concerns, please check with show/auction organizers to confirm dates and other show information. Jun 16-19 AR, Morrilton. Arkansas Museum of Automobiles, 63rd Annual Swap Meet and Car Show. 501-727-5427 info@museumofautom
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Reader Photo
“This photo was taken in 1968 when I was visiting my future wife at her home in ‘Buicktown’, Flint, Mich.,” says Dennis McTigue, of Worthington, Ohio. “It’s my 1951 Buick Special Deluxe with the Fireball straight 8 and Dynaflow transmission. I sure w