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CLEAR A SPACE in your living room and find a sweat towel. For this no-equipment kilojoule burner, follow an “every minute, on the minute” format: at the start of each minute, you’ll begin an exercise and work for either 20 seconds (beginner), 30 seconds (intermediate) or 40

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The Gear
A slim profile and low weight are crucial for minimal water absorption, and traction is key. These tick all of the boxes. Icebug Acceleritas8 RB9X ($177; The Yamamoto 40 neoprene gives you plenty of flexibility in your shoulders, and t
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The Strength Diet
DIETING IS FOR LOSERS. Keto, Paleo, Atkins: everyone loves a fad diet, and some of them may even help you lose weight. Except that weight loss is only one of many reasons to eat a healthy diet. The other reasons include fighting disease-stoking infla
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By Sea, By Land
ONE IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE. FOUR WEEKS TO TRAIN. GO SUCH IS MY LOVE of physical activity that it’s rare that I feel like a total novice. But that’s exactly how I feel when I sign up to my first Swimrun, with a mere four weeks to train. “Surely it’s jus