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Bob Costas wants to make one thing clear: He isn’t intractably opposed to change when it comes to his beloved sport of baseball.

As much as the versatile broadcaster criticized the idea of the wild card when it was introduced a quarter century ago, Costas later saw the wisdom in the addition of a second wildcard slot in each league. He also readily notes the sport has a pace-of-play problem that must continue to be addressed.

It’s just that when he sees Major League Baseball devoting so much time, energy and equity to its experimentation with an automated strike zone—so far limited to the independent Atlantic and prospect-driven Arizona Fall leagues—the 2018 Ford C. Frick Award winner wishes everyone involved would take a deep breath.

“I think it’s dangerous to rush into anything,” Costas said. “People sometimes characterize me as a traditionalist; that’s not really apt. I think that historical coherence and continuity and the history of the game and some traditions matter more in baseball than in other sports because of the nature of the game and the length of its history.

“That doesn’t

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