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When fan interference occurs, the umpires can arbitrarily place the runner(s) to the base they would have made had there been no interference. It’s possible to award one runner more than one base and another runner only one base.

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Roger Maris Day
I read Arthur Daley’s March 1960 “Archive” article in the March-April issue with Roger Maris in his Athletics uniform and I'm thinking to myself, I saw him play in a doubleheader in Kansas City in August 1959, when it was Roger Maris Day. Later in th
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Baseball’s Master Builder
Baseball was a college distraction of sorts for Janet Marie Smith. The diamond at Mississippi State was on the edge of campus when she studied there and so was the studio for the architecture school. When she and her colleagues needed a break from th
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Baseball Quick Quiz Answers
1 Tom Seaver was the winning pitcher in the White Sox’ 7-6 win over the Brewers in 25 innings. The future Hall of Famer pitched a scoreless top of the 25th and got the win when Harold Baines hit a walkoff home run off Chuck Porter to end the marathon