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8 – Miriam Spinrath lives in Munich and has studied literature in Germany, Ireland and Scotland. She takes writing inspiration from old postcards found in fleamarkets and at her grandma’s house.

10 – Lotte van der Krol is a writer, reader, and snow enthusiast from a small city in the windswept Netherlands. She writes short stories that are always a bit dark and Soil is no exception.

12 – David Harsent is our guest author. A poet, is published by Faber & Faber.

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To say I felt out of place at the protest would be an understatement. I’m very white. I work in transport policy and have been known to spend over thirty pounds on a fleece. Luckily, social distancing meant I could ignore the people trying to dance w
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Ray Halliday’s Last Wild Days
From across the courtyard, Nelson saw the scatter of debris Hannah had tossed from their apartment. Socks and boxers, one Nike, one Puma, his poo emoji pillow, blue milk crates of nested speaker cables, their artificial Christmas tree. All of it look
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I Used To Ride In The Rodeo
You going to take down that mirror? You’ll need four people. That thing is heavy as a broken heart. Four people to take it down. Maybe three. Me? I spent twenty years in the army, five in the nick, five in the rodeo. Snakeskin boots, pretty as a girl