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8 – Miriam Spinrath lives in Munich and has studied literature in Germany, Ireland and Scotland. She takes writing inspiration from old postcards found in fleamarkets and at her grandma’s house.

10 – Lotte van der Krol is a writer, reader, and snow enthusiast from a small city in the windswept Netherlands. She writes short stories that are always a bit dark and Soil is no exception.

12 – David Harsent is our guest author. A poet, is published by Faber & Faber.

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I'm Ready
Sometimes after I drop my kids off at preschool, I’ll take the longer route home, through downtown, over the potholes and tent-lined streets. When the faded pastel sign of the Spaghetti Shack comes into view just before the freeway on-ramp, I smell t
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Protest comes in many forms, quiet or loud, obvious or cleverly disguised. Whatever its form, the tentacles of objection, of outraged dissent and moral conviction travel. These tentacles reach outwards, upwards and coil around to tap us officiously o
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