1 Responsibility2 Fate3 The creation of man4 Man in Creation5 Hereditary sin6 God7 The inner voice8 The religion of love9 The Redeemer10 The mystery of birth11 Is occult training advisable?12 Spiritism13 Earthbound14 Does sexual continence further spiritual development?15 Thought-forms16 Watch and pray!17 Marriage18 The claim of children on their parents19 Prayer20 The Lord’ Prayer21 The worship of God22 Man and his free will23 Ideal human beings24 Cast all your guilt upon him!25 The crime of hypnotism26 Astrology27 Symbolism in the fate of man28 Faith29 Earthly possessions30 Death31 Departed this life!32 Miracles33 Baptism34 The Holy Grail35 The mystery of Lucifer36 The regions of Darkness and Damnation37 The regions of Light and Paradise38 World events39 The difference in originof man and animal40 The separation between mankind and science41 Spirit42 The development of Creation43 I am the Lord thy God! 44 The immaculate conception and the birth of the Son of God

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A Rainbow Of Pandemic Chaos
Is coronavirus a random mutation, a ‘punishment from God’ or something else? A small virus with astonishing properties emerges and within a few weeks, changes the supposedly unstoppable upward trajectory of mankind into a crash landing with incalcula