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Ship living

Like Darwin himself, most of the crew were young men in their 20s. During the

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The Viking Landers’ Discoveries
The Viking program was the first truly successful mission to Mars, providing NASA with the first real data concerning the existence of water on the Red Planet. Photographs showed large areas of erosion, channels and grooves in rocks, as well as river
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What Is A Petrified Forest?
Baking in the Arizona sunshine is a forest frozen in stone. Spanning 896 square kilometres, the Petrified Forest National Park is a vast, arid site filled with undulating hills and rocky outcrops all staying dry in the hot weather. But it wasn’t alwa
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The Viking Space Probes
After circling the planet for landing site selection, the lander detached from the orbiter and landed on the surface via parachute. The star tracker pointed the orbiter towards Canopus, a star in the southern constellation of Carina. Solar panels con