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Darwin’s TRAVELS

How do you even begin to predict how life on Earth first emerged? As just one of many millions of species living on this planet, humans are a curious one; we are constantly seeking answers to unknown questions. But perhaps the question that gives us the most purpose in life is trying

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How It Works1 мин. чтенияPhysics
Earth's Magnetic Field
It’s best to imagine Earth as a bar magnet 20,000 kilometres long. The magnetic fields move around us like they would in a fridge magnet, but they also protect us from the universe. Compass needles always point to a magnet’s south pole, so the Earth’
How It Works1 мин. чтенияNature
How Insecticides Reach Their Targets
Chemical pesticides are directly sprayed onto the target pest, where the chemicals are absorbed by the insects. Similar to the direct contact method, the crop is sprayed with insecticide in anticipation of soft-bodied insects such as caterpillars wa
How It Works3 мин. чтенияNature
A Supernova Sparked Mass Extinction 359 Million Years Ago
A global extinction event that occurred around 359 million years ago may have been triggered by the death blast of a distant star. Towards the end of the Devonian Period, 416 million to 358 million years ago, there was a mass extinction known as the