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‘Rebel Star’ Governor
Actor and former Union minister U.V. Krishnam Raju is tipped to be the next governor of Tamil Nadu. Raju, who turns 80 on January 20, will be the fifth Telugu person since 1993 to occupy Chennai’s Raj Bhavan. As a popular movie star, he was called ‘R
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Where Does A Light Fighter Fit In?
MTOW in excess of 30 tonnes NOW: Su-30 MKI FUTURE: Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) MTOW between 10 and 15 tonnes, usually single-engined and can be built in large numbers NOW: MiG-21 FUTURE: LCA Mark-1A MTOW between 15 and 25 tonnes NOW: Mir
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Shiv Sena’s Gujarati Love
The Shiv Sena, which claims to espouse the cause of the Marathi manoos, is busy these days wooing Mumbai’s 2.5 million-strong Gujarati community, a key support base of its former ally, the BJP. On January 10, the party launched an outreach campaign,