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buying or owning a home comes with a lot of shoulds. In Australia, our culture is one where owning your home has more cachet than renting and most people (approximately 70 per cent) have purchased a home. So it’s little wonder that many people believe that owning a home is money-savvy. We want to dispel that myth. While it may make sense for some people to buy a home, it may not be the best answer for everyone. And home ownership might be perfect at some life stages, and limiting in others. There’s no right or wrong about a decision to buy a home, or a decision to rent. Don’t get caught up in the world of the Joneses. Be your own

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Xinja, Up, 86 400 – they might sound like energy drinks but they’re actually neobanks. That’s a digital-only bank that saves enough on branches and other traditional bank structures that it can offer great interest rates – even in times like this. An
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“Try to exercise in the same place each time so you associate this as your workout area,” advises Henshaw. You can kit it out with inexpensive equipment from Kmart, or sign up to a program that sends you everything you’ll need, such as Fluidform At H
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Your buffer fund (or emergency fund) is for dealing with financial knocks, and job loss certainly fits that description. Using buffer money, if you have it, to cover your living costs in the short-term is a better option than going into debt. But don