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All About Gouache

One of the most important questions a budding artist can ask is “What is the medium I’m most comfortable using?” My answer came to me in 1979, when I was introduced to opaque watercolors, also called gouache (pronounced “gwash,” derived from the French word meaning “opaque”). An art store owner suggested I try a couple of tubes of black and white gouache and, after playing around with them, I knew I’d found the perfect medium for my approach to painting and developing my realistic style.

Gouache paint is opaque, unlike traditional watercolors, which

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A Point of Departure
When Amy Park was in art school, one of her teachers told her she shouldn’t bother becoming a painter. She couldn’t paint, he explained. Startled and hurt, but determined, she persevered. Then, as she neared completion of her MFA at the University of
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Editor’s Note
Color is personal. Even as children, we develop strong opinions. We gravitate to specific colors in the crayon box. We take very seriously the question: What’s your favorite color? We may struggle when someone takes the last available sheet of pink c
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It’s All In The Wrist
When using a palette knife for watercolor painting, you’ll need to be careful not to mar the paper. There are different ways to hold the tool depending on what effect you’re trying to achieve. Never use the very tip of the blade; it’s better to angle