Watercolor Artist

Falling Down and Painting Again

Life had never really slowed for Virginia artist Carolyn Marshall Wright, until the day she fell. In May of 2019, she hit her head on the corner of a coffee table in her home, in a freak accident involving her dog. She had no idea that it would be seven weeks before she’d be able to even reach for a paintbrush, let alone how long it would take to start feeling close to normal again. “My days, which before were generally packed with activity,” Wright says, “just came to a standstill.”

Before and After

Before she made art her full-time career, Wright had been a busy human resources executive, fitting in watercolor classes when she could at a local center and then with The Art League, in Alexandria, Va. The desire to

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Editor’s Note
Color is personal. Even as children, we develop strong opinions. We gravitate to specific colors in the crayon box. We take very seriously the question: What’s your favorite color? We may struggle when someone takes the last available sheet of pink c
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Workshop Perks
Hillkurtz finds teaching workshops especially enriching and rewarding. “I love teaching what I’ve discovered about painting and sketching,” he says. “My goal is to help make my students better painters. I want them to take what I’m teaching and make