Watercolor Artist

Light, Shadow & Local Color

Step 1

The scene had strong light and well-defined shadows, so I began by painting

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Artist’s Toolkit
• burnt umber • burnt sienna • yellow ochre • cadmium yellow • cadmium orange • cadmium red • quinacridone red • Winsor violet • Winsor green • ultramarine • Antwerp blue • Prussian blue • sepia • Payne’s gray Daniel Smith: carmine • Raphaël 8404 ro
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The Palette Knife and Watercolor: a Winning Combination
Many people think the palette knife is a tool only to be used in conjunction with oil or acrylic. I paint mainly in acrylic and watercolor, but use my palette knife most often with the latter. Almost every painting I do has at least some small area i
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Traveling Light, Sketching Bright
Junko Ono Rothwell felt the joy of sketching in watercolor from a young age. In elementary school in her native Japan, her class had plein-air days where they would go to a park or beach and paint what they saw with watercolors. When she was in junio