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• Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton:

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Workshop Perks
Hillkurtz finds teaching workshops especially enriching and rewarding. “I love teaching what I’ve discovered about painting and sketching,” he says. “My goal is to help make my students better painters. I want them to take what I’m teaching and make
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Artist’s Toolkit
• burnt umber • burnt sienna • yellow ochre • cadmium yellow • cadmium orange • cadmium red • quinacridone red • Winsor violet • Winsor green • ultramarine • Antwerp blue • Prussian blue • sepia • Payne’s gray Daniel Smith: carmine • Raphaël 8404 ro
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An American In Paris
“A successful painting for me is one that strikes up a conversation with the viewer,” says American artist Alex Hillkurtz, who currently lives and paints in Paris. “It’s an energy transfer. I want to convey the mood of a place but also leave things f