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My painting process begins with the discovery of my subject, followed by a carefully orchestrated photography session and then the painstaking selection of a single image from the 200 or so photos that I may take of the subject. This is the part of the approach that I detailed in my article, “Snapshots in Time,” featured in the February 2020 issue of the magazine.

I relish this creative beginning and find myself quickly immersed in my task, emotionally connected to my model and very aware of what it is I want to say. All of this brings with it an eagerness to

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Workshop Perks
Hillkurtz finds teaching workshops especially enriching and rewarding. “I love teaching what I’ve discovered about painting and sketching,” he says. “My goal is to help make my students better painters. I want them to take what I’m teaching and make
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Artist’s Toolkit
• burnt umber • burnt sienna • yellow ochre • cadmium yellow • cadmium orange • cadmium red • quinacridone red • Winsor violet • Winsor green • ultramarine • Antwerp blue • Prussian blue • sepia • Payne’s gray Daniel Smith: carmine • Raphaël 8404 ro
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The Palette Knife and Watercolor: a Winning Combination
Many people think the palette knife is a tool only to be used in conjunction with oil or acrylic. I paint mainly in acrylic and watercolor, but use my palette knife most often with the latter. Almost every painting I do has at least some small area i