Protests Are 'An Outward Expression Of Something That Is Burning Within' Black Americans

The protests, uprisings and unrest we've seen over the weekend have similar parallels to a "long, hot summer" 53 years ago.
One of the worst racial disturbances in American history erupted in Detroit, Michigan, on July 23, 1967. More than a score of persons were killed in the rioting. (AP Photo)

The nationwide call to action against police brutality and racism parallels a long, hot summer 53 years ago when about 160 uprisings erupted in the United States.

This screaming out for justice and destruction of property is an inevitable reaction to the weight of oppression, says Carvell Wallace, a New York Times best-selling author and podcaster. Wallace writes about how for black Americans, protests are a “spiritual impulse” — not a political strategy.

Living in America causes a fundamental disconnect for black people, he says, leaving most black Americans in a state of trying to piece together two “opposing realities.”

“You’re told that there’s rule of law. You’re told that you have to believe that your life matters in order for you to show up every day for your job and to raise your children,” he says. “And yet your experience continues to belie that.

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