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Designing a big yacht is easier than a small one. Whether you’re working on a waterline of 20ft or 200ft, people stay the same size. Headroom, beds, room to swing the family cat – it all needs to be incorporated somehow, and the less space you have, the tougher it is. So although the well-known urge of most boatyards to build ever larger craft is often explained in economic terms, it being easier to make a profit on a big boat than a little one, there is also the holy grail aspect to consider – the conviction that the design of the next model up will have none of the drawbacks of the previous one.

Nonsense, of course, but it does perhaps explain why most 85ft motor yachts look like scaled up versions of their 75ft predecessors, which bear a striking resemblance to the earlier 65ft model, itself eerily similar in profile to the 55… and so on.

It’s true that Sirena Yachts in Turkey does have smaller models in its range, but perhaps its formative experiences in

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Saxdor 200 Sport
LOA 19ft 6in (5.94m) BEAM 7ft 6in (2.29m) ENGINES Single outboard 100-175hp TOP SPEED 42 knots PRICE from £22,158 inc VAT CONTACT Ideal Boat +44 (0)1758 703013; With the recent surge of interest in motorboating, the little Saxdor