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These unprecedented times have brought us more grief and suffering than anyone could have imagined. But among all the darkness they have also shined the light on the inherent kindness of people, and the

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Motorcycle Live won't be going ahead this year, as a result of concerns over public safety due to the coronavirus pandemic. After an extensive consultation process, a decision has been made to postpone the UK's big bike show for 2020. Typically taki
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Air Cooling
Lt. Cdr. Bruce Leighton of the US Navy once observed that 'It makes as much sense to water-cool an airplane engine as it does to water-cool a submarine: In either case, the ultimate destination of the waste heat removed from engines is the air, so wh
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Swm Superdual 600 X
Last but not least the SWM, another resurrected brand, much like Benelli, that stands for Speedy Working Motors and which originally went out of business in 1984. The company is now back and based in the old Husqvarna factory in Varese, northern Ital