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Today is a good day. Sixteen bikes with 25 riders/pillions are greeted at the EuroTunnel by Jan and Geraint Hughes ofDragonMotoTours, ready for a 13-day tour to the Italian Dolomites. Why an organised tour? Thirty years ago my wife and I toured throughout Europe, booking ferries, planning routes and finding hotels, doing everything ourselves. It all worked out very well, but now I prefer to let someone like DragonMoto do all the work for me - they do it to a far higher standard, after all. Jan and Geraint spend their winter months researching new routes, finding new hotels and planning in infinite detail, allowing me to relax and enjoy my holiday. Not only that, but touring in a group is far more social - I already know 11 people on this tour we've met on previous trips.

Euro Tunnel may not be

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