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Last summer dad and I sailed to Greenland. I’d wanted to go since I was seven. Something about the far north always fascinated me and the current climate situation meant that time was of the essence. We sailed in our 35ft wooden yacht, Thembi, built by my dad 14 years ago. She’s cramped, exposed and old-fashioned; but she sails beautifully.

We set off on 5 July, heading to the Faroes. We moved fast, close-hauled in an uncomfortable sea.

Alone on watch, I mostly gazed at birds and mist and stormclouds, and dreamed of warmer days and new adventures. With me always were my troop of Fulmars, medium-sized seabirds with grey backs, stiff wings and sweet dark eyes. They’re related to albatrosses and spend almost all their lives at sea, bobbing happily on the surface of the water or wheeling around the boat like miniature stunt planes.

We reached the Faroes after

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