OUR CONNECTION WITH nature, across generations, is so important and life-affirming – spotting birds together,

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Dream Direction
YOUR BRAIN PREDICTS the future by looking at the past, so all you have is evidence that your dreams have not come true – yet! Cultivating confidence in your goals requires you to override your brain’s hesitancy to believe in your potential. Find evid
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Live With Grief
THE WORLD CARRIES ON as normal but inside you feel nothing but pain – a gaping hole in your heart. Continuing to function while grieving is difficult and adjusting to loss can be tough. Grief is unique for everyone and takes time. It is important to
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“Where Are My So-called Friends When I Need Them Most?”
Q I try to be a good friend and my friends tell me they appreciate the way I listen to their problems. When I know there is something wrong, I will check in and see how they are, drop off flowers and so on. My problem is that when it is my ‘turn’, I