OUR CONNECTION WITH nature, across generations, is so important and life-affirming – spotting birds together,

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Words To Help You Connect
1 ‘Can I talk to you about how I am feeling?’ Starting with a question may feel less daunting. 2 ‘I’ve been feeling lonely and I need someone to talk to.’ It can be useful to set out your expectations from the outset. This opener clearly states you
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How I Became A Therapist
LIKE MANY THERAPISTS, training in psychotherapy was partly about healing my own wounds. My mum had a battle with cancer starting in my teens and, at the same time, we moved to another country. I appeared outgoing to those around me, but I was insecur
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Stage Mother
WHEN THE ESTRANGED son of conservative church choir director Maybelline (Jacki Weaver of Silver Linings Playbook) dies suddenly, Maybelline is heartbroken and – despite her husband’s protests – leaves her Texas home to reconnect with her late son’s l