Computer Music


“Am I the guy Sleafords are talking about?”

I’m feeling slightly insecure. I’ve just read our Sleaford Mods interview on p56 and I’m starting to Apple doing their usual ‘unexpected announcement’ thing and landing the biggest bloody update to Logic in however many years. And as I’ve been throwing myself into that for the feature on p16, I can conclude that – annoying crashes with the odd 3rd party plugin aside – I’m finding v10.5 rather slick and capable, almost like it was worthy of the ‘v11’ name. But you can read our proper review of this most live of Logics on p68. And before you ask where Scot and Dave are with their expert columns, we are taking a breather with those for a couple of issues, mostly as Scot attempted to retire and it’s taken some time to persuade him otherwise! If you’ve got any other gripes, be sure to mail me on . I’m all out of loo roll as a prize for the best, but the shed’s full of pasta.

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