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Facebook may not be the first name you think of when considering collaboration apps, but when you factor in its social heritage, it

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A Quick Guide To The Drum Kit
For as long as human beings have walked the earth, there have been drums – and for almost as long, they’ve been accompanied by cymbals! From hollowed-out logs and frame-mounted hides through all manner of vaudevillian, military and orchestral percuss
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#3 80s flavours
Music technology in the 1980s, went through a transformative period. The arrival of MIDI and digital synthesis on the scene superseded ‘old-fashioned’ analogue equipment such as the Minimoog, and sampling and sequencing were on the point of revolutio
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Use The Presets, Learn The Plugin
With any plugin, we always say it’s best to dive in and experiment rather than just use presets, but in this case they not only provide a great starting point and give you an indication of the breadth of sound available, but also help you to understa