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For once you can agree with the hype. Apple have claimed that the latest Logic 10.5 update is the biggest since Pro X, but you could argue it’s their most important update ever. Heck, if you’re an Apple fanperson, this update might even have got you frothing that this is the most important update for music production – period! Of course it isn’t quite that, but 10.5 is one heck of an update which, Logic user or not, you do need to know about. It might just tempt you over to the Mac, or even the iPad if those rumours are true.

First the non rumours; the cold, hard facts. Logic 10.5 is massive news. The update throws in a grown up version of the Live Loops found in GarageBand that instantly puts Logic on a non conventional compositional par with – yes we’re going to say it –

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