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London-based Canadian Chloé Raunet is currently making music under the moniker C.A.R. (Choosing Acronyms Randomly), although has been involved in music production since the early 2000s when she was asked to produce some demos for Two Lone Swordsmen Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood.

After a stint fronting the band Battant – with whom she toured and supported the likes of Ladytron – Raunet released her debut album as C.A.R. called My Friend in 2014, followed by PINNED (on Ransom Note) in 2018. Since building a reputation for producing “the weirder edges of electronic music”, she has also become an in-demand remixer and DJ, and it’s her remixing skills that we’re focussing on in this Producer Masterclass. Raunet runs through two remixes of tracks by Ride guitarist Andy Bell under his Glok moniker, and US band The Imbeciles. But before we get into the machinations of how to add your own mark to two very diverse pieces of music, as Raunet ably demonstrates (both on the video at and YouTube), let’s find out more about C.A.R.’s life at the weird edge…

The C.A.R. journey

“I moved to London from Canada (via Marseille) when I was a teenager, and fell into this game by chance in the early 00s,” Raunet explains. “Back then, I was totally immersed in the Shoreditch electro scene, going to parties like Haywire and Wang. I hadn’t really thought about making music but started writing little songs for my pals on the dancefloor. It was

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