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Raunet’s top 5 plugins

Soundtoys PrimalTap


“I love playing around and transforming sounds with this. The 80s character and grit really

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The Perfect Kick Drum
The kick drum, or bass drum, is the powerhouse behind the music. In a club, it’s the kick that’s nailing the four to the floor, and at a rock gig it’s the kick that’s making your chest compress. The kick started life as a hollow log being whacked by
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Sub, Punch And Honk
Together with mid and high click, the balance and length of the sub, punch and honk elements are what shape the bass drum sound. These combine to give you a either a long, subby, 808-style kick, a house-esque, clicky all-rounder, or a top-heavy Metal
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Dave Clews
In a studio career spanning more than 25 years, Dave has engineered, programmed and played keyboards on records for a string of artists including George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner and Estelle. These days, he writes articles for and other mag