Computer Music

Selected kit list (some borrowed)


Analogue Solutions’

Impulse Command

Arturia MicroFreak

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Dear A while back you used to feature reviews of readers’ music – in fact I believe it might even have been called, rather appropriately, ‘Reader’s Music’. I just wondered if you could bring it back as I’d love to hear what other readers are producin
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Power Tip
If your top and bottom snare drum channels sound strangely hollow and, well… weird together, chances are that they’re out of phase due to the polarity of one of the mics being inverted. Fixing this is a simple matter of loading the requisite utility
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Pro Tips
Other well-used 80s tropes, eventually dismissed as clichés at the time, come in handy when trying to evoke the sound of the decade now. For example, gated reverb – allegedly discovered when Hugh Padgham patched a gate over the heavily-compressed lis