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The East Midlands has a very specific accent. To anyone south of Watford Junction, it probably sounds stereotypically ‘Northern’, but to the trained ear there’s a big difference. It’s sharper… clipped and rhythmic. And it’s great for swearing. There’s a certain poetic beauty to someone from Nottingham effin’ ‘n’ jeffin’. If you don’t believe me, listen to Urine Mate (Welcome To The Club), the opening track to Sleaford Mods’ 2013 album, Austerity Dogs. “Do you think riding around on a BMX is going to make me feel intimidated? Smash yer face, c***, back into next week.”

Frontman Jason Williamson’s urgent ranting/rapping takes on even more furious poignancy when you see them live. His arms and legs jerking his body into odd, angular shapes. Feet engaged in some sort of silent tap dance as he headbutts the air in time with the lyrics of another song about life down at the arse-end of society’s guest list.

“There’s nothing worse than someone from England trying to rap with an American accent,” says Williamson. “It can work – think about Rob from the Stereo MCs – but, most of the time, it makes you sound like a f***in’ t**t. East Midlands speech might not be glamorous, but it definitely has a groove.

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