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The update we’ve been waiting for

As enduring as it’s proven, the EXS24 sampler was overdue a major update – and with Logic Pro X 10.5, we’ve finally got it, in the shape of

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Infinity uses the coding language Python for its scripting, and, as mentioned, scripts form the basis of many of the editing processes, including the Note Editor, Chord Creator, the four Mapper options (Beat, Panning, Pitch and Volume) and Audioshop
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Drum Mixing Tips
Although we used a single bussed reverb in our walkthrough, there’s no reason not to use inserted reverbs on your separate channels. A short, dark ’verb on the kick, a longer, brighter one on the snare, etc. If you choose to do this, though, be caref
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Hit’n’Mix Infinity £299
In the decade since Hit’n’Mix’s audio software first appeared, it has come on leaps and bounds and not only grown in terms of features but also sounds a whole lot better. Somewhere along the way it acquired the Infinity name and now, at version 4.7,