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We have a cracking Computer Music free plugin this month, in the form of Baby Audio’s Baby Comeback CM!

It’s a cut-down version of the developer’s Comeback Kid delay plugin, and includes the same delay engine and some of the different flavouring algorithms that can be found on its big brother.

While it might lack some of the sculpting tools found on Comeback Kid, some of these effects are built into four ‘style’ presets called Wide, Saucey, Analog and Cheap (which sound anything but!). These have been specially crafted to offer a wide variety of sonic options, and you’ll quickly use them to get some great-sounding, warm and lush delays.

The main delay engine in Baby Comeback CM has three BPM-synced modes called Straight, Dotted and Triplet which are pretty self explanatory and offer different timed

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Dave Clews
In a studio career spanning more than 25 years, Dave has engineered, programmed and played keyboards on records for a string of artists including George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner and Estelle. These days, he writes articles for and other mag
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Pro Tips
Other well-used 80s tropes, eventually dismissed as clichés at the time, come in handy when trying to evoke the sound of the decade now. For example, gated reverb – allegedly discovered when Hugh Padgham patched a gate over the heavily-compressed lis
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#3 80s flavours
Music technology in the 1980s, went through a transformative period. The arrival of MIDI and digital synthesis on the scene superseded ‘old-fashioned’ analogue equipment such as the Minimoog, and sampling and sequencing were on the point of revolutio