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Cinematic Soundscape

Missing a good old trip to the flicks? We’ve raided the Vault for some classic cinematic samples that first appeared on our DVD way back in 2013, but have really stood

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Ins & outs
Even if you’re just posting snippets on SoundCloud, you still want them to sound as good as possible, so the platform’s new automatic mastering feature – you can select from various options as you upload – seems very handy. On the downside, it costs
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Size Differences
Due to their size differences, some of the controllers in the Launchkey range will let you do more things with your software than others. “Duh, that’s obvious,” you might say and, yes, those extra keys let you play more octaves, but on an Ableton Liv
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App Watch
Roman Fischer’s Hypertron takes inspiration from samplers, sequencers and drum machines from the past. It has a pad-based workflow and lets you compose, mix and arrange in one window. Load, record, slice and timestretch samples, and pitch them in rea