Let the sun shine!

We’ve been seeing a lot of headlines suggesting that there’s a clear link between vitamin D deficiency and an increased risk of death as a result of

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What I’m loving
The married German-Turkish physician couple who made the breakthrough in the Covid-19 vaccine – first, because they’re just so damn clever, and second, because, on the day they got married, they went to the lab first, then popped out to the registry
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Still A Believer?
Perhaps you feel your MBTI assessment is spot on – you are an INFJ to the core, damn it! One possible reason for this is the so-called ‘Forer effect’. In 1949, Bertram Forer gave several participants a personality test and later relayed each person’s
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THE beginning of a new year is the ideal time to give your lifestyle an overhaul. So we’ve come up with some easy New Year’s resolutions we think you’ll love. They’re fun to do and could potentially make a huge difference to your health. This could j