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The importance of financial mindfulness

it goes without saying that currently we’re going through trying times economically and otherwise. And many millions may consider themselves blessed that they’re invested in mutual funds. The average person simply doesn’t have the time or expertise to manage their personal or to efficiently reinvest interest or dividend income, or

investments every day, to investigate the thousands of securities available in the financial markets. Mutual and hedge funds are managed

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From The Editor
as I wrote in my previous editor’s note, I was recently on KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast. While there, I needed to visit a doctor. Having comprehensive medical cover, I didn’t need to think twice about being able to book an appointment with the local G
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Five Mistakes Investors Make
when it comes to managing our personal investments, we are often so focused on doing the ‘right’ thing or following those who do, that we don’t realise that by eliminating small mistakes early on, we can actually increase our earnings. In this issue
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The Market’s Neglected Opportunities
the general thinking around our market, which is by global standards small and concentrated, is that the real mispricing is going to happen in the small-cap share space. The FTSE/JSETop40 Index’s stocks are covered by hundreds of analysts and has bil