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I’ve had over 10 emails recently from ‘older learners’ worrying that they started too late to learn guitar and might never be able to play well. Can we define ‘older’? Some people in their late 20s think they started too late. So while I see this as primarily a mind game, there are some physiological impacts for learners over 60-ish which we’ll come to in a bit. You’re an older learner if you think you are, but that bit is just in your mind.

My earliest memories are with guitars and music; it wasn’t ever a choice, it

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JOHANNES BRAHMS Waltz Op.39 no.15
Johannes Brahms (1833-97) was a German composer and pianist, and a leading figure of the Romantic period. Much of his music might be considered traditionalist and in the lineage of Bach and Beethoven, in whose company the term ‘The Three Bs’ is made.
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Just A Few Of Your Regular GT Technique Experts...
Simon is a graduate of ACM and The Guitar Institute, holding a Masters degree in music. He teaches, examines and plays everything from rock to jazz. TonyHadley’slongstandingguitarist Richiehasworkedwitheveryonefrom Roger Daltrey to Ronan Keeting, an
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30-minute Lickbag
This riff starts with notes a 4th apart, with a hammer-on to achieve a powerchord shape. This adds movement and weight to each phrase. Take note of the two palm-muted notes after each hammered powerchord. This increases rhythmic definition. Use a dec