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eet Latham Thomas, a doula, author, business owner, and meditation expert in

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Read the Signs
CLUE Joint pain SPOT IT This usually appears as stiffness or trouble moving, especially in the a.m. It can last for a few minutes or a few hours, Dr. Bayard says. Joints may also be swollen, warm to the touch, or painful even without swelling. CLUE F
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Self reflection
is a question that runs through my mind almost every time I use Instagram (that is, up to 24 hours a week). The truth is, the natural pout I was born with is one of my favorite features. But if I spend long enough scrolling through filtered-to-perfec
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Flip Your Perspective
Every expectant mama should plan a follow-up appointment shortly after birth (even if it’s just a call) and before the six-week postpartum visit. “It’s important to intervene early, posttrauma, but it’s almost impossible to predict these events,” say