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Stone is tenderto lichen.Lichen is tenderto the earth and its otherinhabitants. What areyou and I tender to?

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Five Poems
Minutiae in a bowljerry-rigged handin need of a drink, The flight attendantsaid, “It’s on me,” I must’ve lookedlike I needed one. Such a rough climb,wobbly as the sunduring Leo season come to find outa brand new planeis hot to handle. The first breat
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“Where Poetry Comes From”
This is what power really is: the privilege of ignoring anything you might find distasteful. —Oksana Zabuzhko “Language, any language,” observed the young poet Oksana Zabuzhko, “is the capital love of my life” because “nothing else has the power to s
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I told my daughter the story of how my frienddied. Almost ten years ago now. How he fell off amountain in Hawaii. And though the story mademe cry she wanted to hear it again and again.And again the next day. “Don’t worry mama,”she said. “He’ll just t