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The “Roaring 20s” is a simple phrase used to describe a dramatic time in U.S. history. Many people associate the 1920s with excitement and energy. One historian called the decade a period of “unparalleled plenty.” Historians also refer to it as a

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Meet The New Woman
Many American women felt that they finally had become full citizens on August 26, 1920. That was when the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution became law. The amendment granted women the right to vote. Women had struggled for the cause for more th
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Freeze Frame
Calvin Coolidge was president of the United States for more than half of the Roaring 20s—from 1923 to 1929. He was determined to return integrity to the executive office after political scandal overshadowed the short term of his predecessor, Warren G
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Science on Trial
In July 1925, a battle between religion and science rocked Dayton, Tennessee, and the nation. Public school biology teacher John T. Scopes had been arrested for teaching Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. That theory states that humans developed o