How 5 Entrepreneurs Pivoted To Thrive During the Pandemic

Don't cling to your original concept. You might just find an even bigger opportunity
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Christina Stembel, founder, Farmgirl Flowers

Old idea: Carefully curated products

New idea: More options at lower cost

When the pandemic forced Christina Stembel to change her business, she was horrified. Then she was relieved. And now she has a stronger business as a result.

Stembel is the founder of , a San Francisco–based floral arrangements company. She started it in 2010, when she saw a way to stand out in a crowded market. The internet is full of floral companies, but most of them outsource fulfillment, surrendering control of the quality and design of their bouquets as a way to boost margins. Stembel did the opposite. Her arrangements had a point of view, she offered a small variety of them, and everything would

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