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The non-salad days of summer

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often use my slow cooker in the summer. I know that sounds a bit odd because most people associate slow cooking with comfort food on cold winter days

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Direction For The Maize
Does cracked maize actually work? And if so, how do you advise using it? Marc says: Yes. It’s best combined with wheat to make it go further. It’s no good with spirals when used in hoppers, but I would only use a hopper to feed partridges, not phea
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Editor’s Verdict
If you are looking for a pretty gun that performs well at an affordable price, the Maxum is for you. With stunning wood, deep blacking and profuse engraving the gun is a stunner. It would look good on a classy game shoot and it’s nice to know that yo
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The Problem: How To Deal With Diabetes
Vet’s advice Neil McIntosh SG’s gundog health expert When an individual eats, energy in the form of glucose enters the bloodstream and this triggers cells in the pancreas to produce insulin, which drives glucose into the body’s cells where it can be