Classic Boat

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Going with the grain


Quarter-sawn (or rift-sawn) wood is usually preferred over flat sawn for building boats because it’s more dimensionally stable, but in the case of species like oak, having prominent medullary rays, the

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New Chapter For Mariquita
Mariquita's sale in February sent shock waves through the classic yacht fraternity. The Fife III-designed and built yacht is the only 19-M class yacht afloat, and one of the world's most famous, not just for her size and beauty, but her vigorous camp
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Who Was Really The First To discover America?
Replica wooden sailing ship Phoenicia has reached America after a 6,000 nautical mile journey, proving that the Phoenicians – an ancient seafaring civilisation pre-dating the Romans – could have reached the shores of America some 2,000 years before C
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Dublin Bay revival
Work on rebuilding seven Alfred Mylne-designed Dublin Bay 21s continues, writes Nigel Sharp. The first boat, Naneen, was completed by Kilrush Boatyard and launched into the Shannon estuary in December, with the second, Garavoge, set to follow by the