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I have never seen the Arctic. Its dream-pale coast is populated with No memories.

I know it only through flat maps and brittle names. I trace the frayed coast of

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Junior Editor JAKE
CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF?  Hello, my name is Jake and I am eleven years old. I live in Devon, on a smallholding with a lot of animals. My interests are: photography, magic, books, nature, outdoors, Lego and cheese. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK
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Chris Young works as a children’s specialist for Golden Hare Books, an independent bookshop based in Edinburgh – this involves trying out all sorts of ways to get kids into reading. She also works as a part-time librarian, doing a similar job! She ha
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Musical Expressions
Hip hop originates from the USA and is both a genre of music and, for some people, a way of life. It came about some fifty years ago and the sound consists of rhythmic beats and samples (short melodic tunes taken from other songs) with lyrics rapped