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MUSCLE CARS HAVE ALWAYS been about speed — then and now. Brute power, boiling the hides, giving it all from stoplight to stoplight. And for many of us, getting there quicker (or quickest) means making changes. Swapping parts, dropping weight, gaining grunt. Cams, gears, headers. For those who hot-rodded ’30s cars in the ’50s, it

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The Goods
The new TKX five-speed kits are designed as an update for your three-or four-speed gearbox and are completely customizable to your specific needs. Designed, tested, and built specifically for the aftermarket, the new gearbox features 600-lb-ft torque
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RESERVE: Minimum price owner will accept SELLING PRICE*: What the vehicle sold for, inclusive of buyer’s 5-percent fee (*sold as a Premium Classified following the live auction) RECENT MARKET RANGE: The low-to-high value range for the vehicle based o
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Q: This letter is a follow-up to a question from one of your readers about running a mechanical fuel pump on a Chevrolet engine with a roller camshaft. The question was regarding running a carburetor-type fuel pump on a modern Chevy engine with a rol