Japanese money

• Write your kakebo savings plan and expenses log by hand and in ink. Writing in your book

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How To Soothe Yourself Course
In times of worry and uncertainty, such as redundancy, break-ups, lockdown or conflict, we sometimes reach for unhealthy comforts to make us feel better. But what if we didn’t choose food, alcohol or even loved ones to comfort us, and could find sola
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‘I Learned That I Was My Own Greatest Teacher’
THE FIRST TIME I TOOK A YOGA CLASS, I was that person I’m sure you’ll relate to; arms shaking in downward dog, rushing through the five breaths for which I’d been told to hold the torturous pose, then collapsing to my knees and feeling cheated – yoga
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‘My Road Trip Of Self-discovery Was A Gift Of Time’
ON THE DAY I WAS LEAVING on my adventure, it was brilliant 25ºC sunshine in London. I was trying to keep my luggage down to one bag then, at the last minute, my partner suggested that I take a jumper. But it didn’t fit in my bag. I had a waterproof w