My Love Affair With Stars

“Why are you sleeping outside?” asked She Who Must Be Obeyed.

“I’m not.”

“OK, let me rephrase. Why are you lying on your back on the pool chaise at midnight?”

“I’m looking at the stars.”

She made one of her patented snorting sounds and disappeared back inside, leaving me alone with a black sky pierced with zillions of stars.

I love the stars. My dad was a B-24 navigator during World War II, and so evenings on our boat were often about the stars: “There’s Orion, there’s Sirius, there’s the

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Classic Cruisers Club
NAME John J. Olson AGE 34 or 35 (counting Covid year?) HOME PORT Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Coal Harbour, Canada CURRENT BOAT 1987 GB32 Dream Time YEARS OWNED 1 Carrying on the bloodline of a treasure-hunting ship captain, John J. Olson continues th
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A Boat by Any Other Name…
Bottom Kisser is not a good name for a boat. I know this because, three years removed from law school, while single and weary of apartment life, I needed a residence. I didn’t have the resources to acquire one on land, so I thought I’d purchase a tra
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Mr. Seagull, It’s Time to Go
We boaters tend toward a fondness for our marine wildlife friends, including the flying types. The kingfisher, heron, crane and other winged creatures are entertaining, but we often end up in combat with the ubiquitous seagull. The scavenger of the s