distinctly recall the first time I laid eyes on Maine’s Penobscot Bay. I was making my inaugural visit to a friend who had moved to a rustic spread just inland from Camden and Rockland. The drive from Boston took me from the heavy vacation traffic of Interstate 95 down to iconic Route 1 and then northeast along one

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Why Get a Captain?
Having a captain aboard seems like the antithesis of bareboat chartering, but in many cases it’s actually the cherry on top of a wonderful nautical sundae. Experienced boaters may opt to have a captain for several reasons. The charter company may not
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Canned Goods
If you search online for WD-40 uses, you will come across a bewildering array of ideas, including untangling jewelry, removing crayon marks, and chasing away spiders. Somehow, what I plan to use it for is never on those lists. Fluids in cans fill an
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The Bright Side
@andrewtparkinson It’s been one hell of a strange year, right? Covid-19 didn’t just throw us a curveball; it hurled the equivalent of a drunken albatross down our strike zone. For boaters, it’s easy to resent the pandemic for all its inconveniences: