6 Pocket Cruisers Ready to Hit the Road

esigned with a common objective to accommodate the best of the land-sea lifestyle, trailerable cruisers seem a natural fit in the world of trawlers. According to one prominent builder, many of their clients are retired sailors—not speed freaks—who enjoy easygoing scenic cruising. Others embark on the trailer-trawler life to simplify their cruising style, downsizing from larger motoryachts, or to add variety to their list of viable cruising destinations. Traveling is always at the core, and the question

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Great Expectations
Everyone has a detail he checks when looking at a new boat. Those who stand more than 6 feet consider headroom. Those who live aboard want lots of stowage. Techies scope out the engine room. Me? I check the berths first. I spend a lot of time in my b
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Classic Cruisers Club
NAME John J. Olson AGE 34 or 35 (counting Covid year?) HOME PORT Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Coal Harbour, Canada CURRENT BOAT 1987 GB32 Dream Time YEARS OWNED 1 Carrying on the bloodline of a treasure-hunting ship captain, John J. Olson continues th
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A Boat by Any Other Name…
Bottom Kisser is not a good name for a boat. I know this because, three years removed from law school, while single and weary of apartment life, I needed a residence. I didn’t have the resources to acquire one on land, so I thought I’d purchase a tra