Eat more mushrooms!

With more time indoors and trips abroad less likely this year, many

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Little One
Of which country is N’Djamena the capital and largest city? Solve the crossword, then read down the yellow squares. The yellow shaded squares will spell out the prize answer. 1 Curve (3) 3 Type of tree (3) 5 Item used by rower (3) 6 Moose (3) 7 Lacki
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Welcome To This Week’s Chat…
Trisha is not the kind of woman who takes no for an answer. Since she was a tot, she’s been proving everyone wrong, and now she’s a mum she’s overcoming new challenges (p24). Another determined woman is Sarah. While grieving the death of her sister,
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The Depths Of Evil
Dr Richard Taylor, 55, London Looking at the accused killer sitting in front of me, I took in his body language and speech pattern, concentrating on every word. Then I started asking him for all the details of his life. His family, childhood experien