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#05 The Filter – pt 2

Last issue we looked at the many functions of a typical filter, using the module included with Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular Nucleus. We showed you each of the onboard filter types (low-pass, high-pass etc) and two slopes. We learnt how the filter’s ability to carve away selected frequencies make subtractive synthesis, well, subtractive and how it affects some of the waveforms produced by a typical analogue oscillator.

This month, we’ll use that sculpting power to create some familiar timbral effects.

A filter is at its best used dynamically – simply setting the cutoff frequency

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> Mastering The Synth
The fact that you get the Easy Parameters in SynthMaster Player really does extend its capabilities into being far more than a simple playback module and more of a complete synth. With 1800 presets, that’s enough to get you close to a sound you want