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or a company best known in marine circles for high-end plywood, it is surprising that Robbins’ roots lie in a much older sort of woodworking. The company has always been based in or around Bristol since its formation in the mid-1880s as a public sawmill, a place where all-comers could bring timber to be cut into planks. “We specialised in wagon wheels and coffins,” says Robbins managing director Richard Bagnall, whose office overlooks the busy car park and loading bays on a newly built

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Last Of The Summer Leaves
We are slowly emerging from the deep uncertainty of the pandemic. Regatta sailing, albeit bedevilled by weather, returned to British shores in early August, with racing, albeit bedevilled by weather; but the picture is mixed. In early summer, most or
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Don’t Fear The Reaper
A and R Way Boatbuilding have been involved in the resurrection of one of the most extraordinary vessels in the British workboat fleet, the ‘Fifie’ Reaper. Although still sailing, a gradual deterioration in condition was brought to a head by accident
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New Spirit 72 Deckhouse And Interior Design
Spirit Yachts has released designs for its new Spirit 72DH (Deckhouse) currently in build at its waterside yard in Suffolk. Due to launch in 2021, the Spirit 72DH has been tailored to meet an owner’s specific requirements for cruising, racing and cha