Mornings with Jesus


MY THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD JUST STARTED SEVENTH grade. I periodically grab him by the shoulders, look him in the eye and firmly command, “Stop growing!” Seriously,

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Friday, March 5
MY HUSBAND, KEVIN, AND I exchanged heated words twice this week. Wait, I may as well tell it straight—we argued. Although we’ve enjoyed a happy marriage for decades, our different outlooks on everything from taking risks to treating a cold sometimes
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Thursday, April 22
MY GRANDSON WINSTON CAME RUNNING through the back door with distressing news: “Honey (my grandma name), Mama, come quick! A baby bird fell out of its nest, and it’s on the ground!” My daughter Melissa and I followed Winston into the backyard. Sure en
Mornings with Jesus1 мин. чтения
A Note From The Editor
WHEN I WAS A CHILD, my family would spend every Easter with my grandparents in Philadelphia. Each trip was filled with fresh adventures and new activities. We visited local landmarks; we went to church; we talked; we laughed; and we decorated for Eas